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Fun Kid Activities at Imagine

Explore the Musuem's Art Studios & Exhibit Hall

Permanent Art Studios

Loose Parts Studio

Welcome to the Loose Parts Studio. In this studio, take advantage of the opportunities that offer endless imagination and creativity with loose parts, kinetic sand, play sand, a  light table, and more. Build sandcastles, create colorful designs on the light table, or imagine yourself on the beach.

Children's Museum-Kid Activities-Sand Room-Kids Playing in the Sand Room at Imagine-Imagine Children's Museum- Taos NM

Clay Studio

Children's Museum-Kid Activities-Clay Studio-Kids Using the Pottery Wheel in the Clay Studio at Imagine-Imagine Children's Museum- Taos NM

This is the studio where you're ALLOWED to get dirty! The Clay Studio offers you a wonderful opportunity to get messy and have fun discovering the magic of clay. Whether you're sitting down at the table and creating your clay sculpture or working on the pottery wheel, the Clay Studio has something just for you!

Natural Materials Studio

Experience the wonders of nature in creative ways in the Natural Materials Studio. In the Natural Materials Studio, you can use feathers, rocks, wood, plants, etc. to create amazing compositions of what nature looks like through YOUR perspective. Join us at Imagine and let your imagination go wild in the Natural Materials Studio.

Children's Museum-Kid Activities-Natural Materials Studio-Discover the Art & Beauty of Nature at Imagine-Imagine Children's Museum- Taos NM

Fabric & Paper Studio

Children's Museum-Kid Activities-Fabric & Paper Studio-Kids Having Fun During a Sewing Project at Imagine-Imagine Children's Museum- Taos NM

Imagine the possibilities of your creativity when you explore color, texture, and pattern in the Fabric and Paper Studio. The Fabric and Paper Studio offers an opportunity to learn another way of expressing yourself with various sewing and craft projects. Come into Imagine and see what beautiful art you can create using just fabric and paper!

Paint Studio

If you have an emerging artist who needs a place to paint, the Paint Studio at Imagine is the perfect place! In the Paint Studio, Imagine provides various paint media to help you discover the artist within. Join us at Imagine and show us how creative you can get with the paint in the Paint Studio.

Children's Museum-Kid Activities-Paint Studio-Young Girl Painting at the Paint Studio Inside Imagine-Imagine Children's Museum- Taos NM

River Room

Children's Museum-Kid Activities-River Room-Playing in the Water in the Water Room at Imagine-Imagine Children's Museum- Taos NM

You don't have to travel to the mountains to have fun in the river, just come into Imagine Children's Museum and play in the River Room! Experience the tranquility of a flowing river, take an imaginary canoe trip, or gather your artistic inspiration from the essence of life to create something unique. Join us at Imagine and have fun splashing around in the River Room!

Building Studio

Welcome to the Building Studio, the studio with an abundant number of opportunities to discover, create, and imagine using recycled and out-of-the-ordinary materials. Build and create the crazy structures or patterns your inner artist sees out of Legos, magnetic shapes, colored golf tees, or rolled foam.

Children's Museum-Kid Activities-Building Studio-Getting Creative and Building on the Magnetic Board at Imagine-Imagine Children's Museum- Taos NM

Rotating Studio


Exhibit Hall

Welcome to Exhibit Hall, the part of Imagine that is always changing! Imagine Children's Museum believes in providing children of all ages and their families with a learning environment that continues to encourage wonder, imagination, and curiosity while bringing families closer together by having FUN! The exhibits at Imagine are rotating interactive art installations that always offer a new learning experience, so your visit is always different from the last. Bring in your family and friends to see what new exhibit is on display today!

Children's Museum-Kid Activities-"Taos" Josh Stone-Exhibit on Display at Imagine-Imagine Children's Museum-Taos NM
Children's Museum-Kid Activities-Reimagining the Work of Dale Chihuly Exhibit -Imagine Children's Museum-Taos NM
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