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Rotating Art Exhibits at Imagine

More Fun with New Interactive Art Installations

Exhibits for Children of ALL Ages

Current Exhibit

Admission is FREE! See You in Exhibit Hall!

"Taos"  Cardboard Exhibit by Josh Short Aug 7-Jan 31

The "Taos" Exhibit by Josh Short, showing currently at Imagine Children's Museum is an awe-inspiring display of art that pays tribute to the spirit of Taos and the beauty of our community, made entirely out of cardboard!

The exhibit celebrates the originality of Short's work and demonstrates the power of ingenuity and vision.

Children's Museum-Kid Activities-"Taos" Josh Stone Exhibit -Josh Stone with Exhibit at Imagine-Imagine Children's Museum-Taos NM

Josh's wonderful use of creativity, self-expression, and imagination provides a fun and engaging way for visitors of ALL ages to explore Taos through this unique art style.

Children's Museum-Kid Activities-"Taos" Josh Stone- Current Exhibit on Display at Imagine-Imagine Children's Museum-Taos NM

This exhibit is a beautiful opportunity to bring friends and family together and use your imaginations to discover new adventures all over Taos, without ever leaving the museum!

Stop by Exhibit Hall today and see Taos in a whole new way!

Past Exhibits

The Exhibits Change Regularly! Come in to See What the Current Exhibit Is Today...FOR FREE!

"Reimagining the Work of Dale Chihuly"  Mar 1-Jul 18 2023

"I don't know if something can be too colorful." -Dale Chihuly

The "Reimagining the Work of Dale Chihuly" Exhibit paid tribute to the works of one of the greatest glass artists of our time. The exhibit was a celebration of Chihuly's work and became a fabulous piece of collaborative art before it was broken down.

Children's Museum-Kid Activities-Reimagining the work of Dale Chihuly Exhibit-Adding to The Chihuly Inspired Garden in Exhibit Hall-Imagine Children's Museum-Taos NM

Children contributed their artwork and imagination to the Chihuly-inspired garden, and continued to build the exhibit, adding their unique touch to the overall display and transforming Exhibit Hall into a wonderous world of the imagination.

Children's Museum-Kid Activities-Reimagining the work of Dale Chihuly Exhibit-Bring Your Friends and Family and Add to the Exhibit -Imagine Children's Museum-Taos NM

The kids experimented with various colors and shapes to make sculptures and designs as they built the garden.

This collaborative exhibit was a beautiful way for visitors of ALL ages to explore the colorful world of glass art.

It was wonderful watching friends and family work together to help the garden continue to grow while it was on display.

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